Java Europe Flight School and Sevenair Academy

About Java Europe Flight School

Java Europe Flight School is a pilot school in collaboration with Sevenair Academy, to prepare a zero time student to become an EASA license professional pilot and succeed in aviation career. Every student is trained in Sevenair Academy training centre in Cascais-Lisbon, Portugal by professional and experienced instructors.

Sevenair Academy is part of the Sevenair Group – the largest general aviation group in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe – which among other companies has its own airline, and has trained thousands of international graduates currently pursuing a career in international aviation.

Java Europe is part of PT Mitra Aviasi Perkasa who has an experience in managing the pilot students, not only in sending them but also assisting the students in their daily activities. PT Mitra Aviasi Perkasa also operates its own pilot school in Indonesia, named Perkasa Flight School. The endorsement process for Indonesian DGCA pilot license will be arranged in Perkasa Flight School, which include ground school as the preparation for the endorsement.