Flight Training Program

flight training program java europe flight school

The training is held at Sevenair Academy, which is located in coastal Cascais, only 20 minutes away from the capital, Lisbon. Nearly 300 days of sun per year guarantee optimal weather and airspace conditions for flight training within an exclusive international airport. Cadets of Java Europe will go through ATPL Integrated course with a duration of 16 up to 18 months depending on student’s capability.

The Integrated ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License) allows the students to take all of the theoretical and practical training required, from zero time to ATPL, providing the necessary skills to apply for an airline job. The aim of ATPL Course is to train pilot to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate pilot in command or co-pilot on aeroplanes in commercial air transport operations.

flight training program dual flight java europe flight school

 Training stages of EASA Integrated ATPL course are :

  • Ground Theory
  • Contact Flight
  • Cross Country Flight
  • Instrument Flight
  • Night Flight
  • MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation)

Training consist of :

pilot course structure - integrated ATPL - java europe flight school


Includes in the course :

  • Accommodation: twin sharing bedroom for maximum of   14 months
  • Books & Materials
  • Uniform
  • Class 1 Medical Exam in Portugal
  • English Exam
  • Theory Exams (first attemps)
  • Final CPL/MEP/IR and SEP skill tests

Excludes in the course :

  • Meal and laundry
  • Remedial fee for all theory exam and flight check
  • Student visa (to be obtained in Portugal) and visa extension if necessary
  • Extension of accommodation, if necessary
  • Theory exam remedial test and flight test recheck
  • Daily living cost
  • Flight ticket

Optional :

  • Endorsement in Indonesia

If you are interested to join as Java Europe – Sevenair Academy cadets, please register by clicking here or contact:
Ms. Claudia (+62812 8750 1797) or please click here for any question.