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Happy Eid Mubarak 1437 H

After a month of fasting, restrain hunger, thirst, and lust, which is testing the boundaries of human patience, Ramadhan for 2016 is finally over and Eid is here. May Allah grant you all happiness, love,security, and peace today and everyday. Happy Eid to everyone who is celebrating.

Batch 3 goes to Portugal

After passing from several rigorous tests, 3 cadet from batch 3 of Java Europe Flight School finally depart from Jakarta – Indonesia to Lisbon – Portugal on May 25, 2016. They will be joined with other cadet to enroll in G Air Traing Centre, located in Ponte de Sor for the next 12-16 months.


Kegembiraan terpancarkan dari wajah tampan 3 cadet Java Europe yang akan berangkat ke Lisbon – Portugal pada Selasa, 10 November 2015. Mereka telah dinyatakan lulus dalam mengikuti rangkaian tes penerimaan Java Europe di Indonesia. Dan selama 12 – 16 bulan kedepan mereka akan menjalani pedidikan pilot di G Air Training Centre di Ponte de Sor...

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